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Welcome to Ānanda Music Experience

We’re so glad you’re here and that you’ve decided to peek inside the window of what could potentially be the most deeply satisfying journey you gift to yourself.

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What We Offer

Private Music Coaching
Group_Individual Programs and Challenges

Our Programs

Browse our selection of courses and find the perfect one to help you achieve your musical goals. From guitar and piano to drums and bass, we offer a wide range of courses designed to help you master your instrument and develop your skills.

Private Music Coaching

Personalized music coaching sessions with our expert coaches tailored specifically to your tempo helping you reach your musical potential in a supportive and nurturing environment.

Group/Individual Programs and Challenges

Join our community of like-minded individuals in our group programs designed to inspire and support your musical growth.

Sound Healing Sessions

Experience a unique serenade paired with the healing power of sound through crystal sound bowls realigning and recharging your energy.

About Us

We Are Ānanda...

Holistic Music Coaches with Masters Degrees in Music Performance & Education who specialize in teaching women how to find a more creative, fulfilling, and deeper sense of purpose through learning music. 

We guide women to healing, creativity, and freedom to feel confident within themselves in order to establish a more meaningful connection
to the world around them.


Our Clients Say

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"Ānanda Music has made a beautiful change in my life on how I feel about myself. At my 57 years of age, I'm learning an easy way to play an instrument and feel wonderful with all the information and motivation my coach gives me in each class."

Rocio G.

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Our Team

Meet Our Instructors

Our holistic music coaches, with Masters Degrees in Music Performance & Education, specialize in helping women find a deeper sense of purpose through music. Join us to explore, grow, and gain confidence in a supportive environment. Unlock your full potential and shine as a musician!

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Lily de Luna

 M.M. in Music Education
B.A. in Music Education with Emphasis in Piano


Linda Chavez

M.M. in Piano Performance
B. A. in Music Education
Certified Sound Healer

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Raquel Gomez

B.A. Violin performance
M.M. Violin Performance and Pedagogy
Post-Graduate certification in Violin Performance

Our Approach

Mindful Music Experience

Singing Bowl Meditation
Music + Mindfulness + Creativity + Healing

We blend these aspects to offer a learning experience that supports your whole self—mind, body, and soul.

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A Path to Highest Self

Explore how music can elevate your creativity and expression, guiding you toward your most authentic self.

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Embrace a
Life of Freedom

Master the art of impactful living on your own terms, prioritizing flexibility and personal freedom.

Client's Success Story

Get a first hand look at the impact of Ānanda Music Experience through the words of our community members. From enhancing their musical skills to finding inner peace, our members share how Ananda has enriched their lives.


Watch this heartfelt and engaging Q&A with Ursula as she shares her musical and transformative journey with our mindful music coaching.

Step into your greatness and create a thriving musical experience that aligns with your vision.

Let's connect and discover how Ānanda Music Experience can help you reach your musical goals.
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