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We, as Holistic Music Coaches, hold Masters Degrees in Music Performance & Education, and we've revolutionized the way music is taught and learned.


Our mission is to lead women towards healing, creativity, and self-assurance, fostering a deeper connection with themselves and the world.


Through our unique coaching program, we blend fundamental musical principles with elements of wellness, healing, and mindfulness, empowering you to unlock your artistic capabilities and embrace your full potential.

Holistic coaches

We are Holistic Music Coaches.

Who We Are

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As Holistic Music Coaches, we bring a wealth of experience, having taught for over 30 years in various settings. But despite our backgrounds, we felt the urge to break free from traditional teaching methods. We wanted to offer more, especially to adult learners like you, who seek a deeper, more fulfilling musical practice. This program is our way of helping you turn your life experiences into beautiful music. We work with women who are ready to connect with their inner selves, find joy and fulfillment, and live their dreams through music. This isn't just about becoming a musician; it's about becoming the artist of your own life. Your journey starts now, and we're honored to walk beside you every step of the way.

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What We Are

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In Sanskrit, ānanda translates to "bliss." That is exactly what we want each of our clients to have: a blissful experience through music. Ānanda Music Experience is an online music learning platform aimed at providing the highest quality learning virtual service. It's a unique portal designed to give creatives tools, energetic resources, no-fluff content, and all-in community. We primarily work with adult women seeking a more intentional and holistic approach to learning the violin or piano. Our entire curriculum is intentionally curated to give our clients everything they need to fully step into a more motivated life and use a musical language to transform their surroundings.

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