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Meet Our Music Coaches

Welcome to the heart of Ānanda Music Experience! Meet our dedicated team and peek behind the curtain to discover who we are and our guiding teaching philosophies.
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Hey there! I’m Lily. 

As a Master Music Educator and Professional Pianist, my mission is to help women like you unlock their creativity and joy through music

My own musical journey led me down a growth path, allowing me to conquer fears, express myself creatively, and share joy and beauty through music


Along the way, I've met incredible people and learned invaluable lessons that I now integrate into my teaching. I'm dedicated to providing a positive, creative learning environment where clients can freely express themselves. Join me, and let's embark on this musical journey together to discover your path to your higher self through music!

Hey there! I’m Linda. 

A Master Educator, Pianist, Entrepreneur, and Certified Sound Healer dedicated to guiding women on a journey of self-discovery through music.


I love dreaming big and encouraging others to do the same by stepping out of their comfort zones. I believe women are fierce and can do anything! As a pianist and certified sound healer, my mission is to merge these skills to help you find your creative voice and to lead the beautiful life you so deserve! 

Linda Chavez Ananda
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Hey there! I’m Raquel. 

Professional Violin Performer and Instructor passionate about inspiring self-discovery through music.


I started playing the violin at 6 years old, and despite the challenges, I've come to see music as a tool for self-discovery and healing. My teaching philosophy focuses on guiding clients through their musical journey and supporting their specific needs. I believe it's never too early nor too late to start your musical journey and find immense fulfillment and joy in music.

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